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„A tree that you can not embrace was once a small seed. A hundred mile journey starts with one small step ”

Lao Tse

Until recently, I was locked in the limitations of my mind that I created, which blocked my view of myself and the world. My everyday life was work, home, fitness, friends, shopping, restaurants, etc. – I did not notice many signals that the universe sent me. When, finally, the two most important areas of my life – private and professional – collapsed, my transformation began and it continues to this day. Today I know that for any change to take place, some doors have to be closed so that others can open up to make room for new experiences that fate places before us. I try to recognize the signposts that guide my life and lead me on the right path, I ride the wave of life freely and lightly, surrendering to the current and avoiding what is no longer mine. I do what I love, I have wonderful people with whom I exchange experiences and share my passions. I enjoy every day, with everything that surrounds me. I appreciate and appreciate every experience and beauty that comes to me.

Joanna Wujcik – Lasocka

„Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They already know who you really want to become.”

Steve Jobs

For over 20 years I worked in various corporations, I built my career without any expectations towards myself, I accepted everything that fate gave me. I never pushed my elbows out, and everything just came by itself – promotions, trips abroad to many places in the world, dinners in the most fashionable restaurants, meetings with famous personalities from the business world, successes and bonuses. Until one day, at the most unexpected moment in my life, everything began to slowly go away from me. Observing this change and the inability to return, I realized it was time to say goodbye to the old world and start something new.

So I started my transformation, turning my whole life upside down. Not knowing what exactly I want, I knew what I definitely don’t want to do. Yoga started appearing earlier in my life, but I didn’t feel then that this is what my heart and soul wanted. I remember my first contacts with the mat, when I was looking around the room yawning and watching if others were also as bored as I was.

During my contract in Germany, a friend persuaded me to take a hormonal yoga course and it was just the beginning of a new life. After returning to Poland, I completed postgraduate studies in Yoga and Relaxation at the University of Physical Education and other teaching courses, and then opened an intimate Zen-Yoga studio in Wilanów. I introduced a course and classes of hormonal yoga as well as hatha yoga classes for beginners and intermediate students. After a few years, I saw that in order to live in health and harmony, you should not focus on only one aspect. We are whole and only a holistic approach to our life can bring the peace that is the basis for everything else. The body gets sick if we do not provide it with healthy food, regular rest, physical activity, but also when we do not accept ourselves, we resist emerging situations, we live in chronic stress.

Hormone yoga classes have disappeared from the schedule, and replaced with regular Zen Yoga classes, individual classes and weekend away workshops that I run together with Ewa Biel, a self-awareness teacher and hypnotherapist (www.ewabiel.com).


“First jump off the rock, and when you fly, your wings will grow out.”

Ray Bradbury

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