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„A tree that you can not embrace was once a small seed. A hundred mile journey starts with one small step ”

Lao Tse

Until recently, constraints on my mind blocked the view of the world. The day in my life was dictated by work, fitness, friends and shopping. I did not see many signals sent to me by the universe, until finally the two most important parts of my life, private and professional, collapsed. Today I know that any change will happen, we need to close some doors so that others can open.

Joanna Wujcik – Lasocka

„Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They already know who you really want to become.”

Steve Jobs

I started my transformation and turned my whole life upside down. Not knowing what exactly I wanted, I knew what I definitely did not want to do. Yoga began to appear earlier in my life, but I did not feel then that this is what my heart and soul want. I remember my first contact with the mat when, yawning, I looked around the room and watched if others were as bored as me. It was only when I freed myself from old beliefs and programs that I went back to this deep philosophy. I not only learnt lessons from humility and gratitude for what I have, but I took the time to understand the sense of my existence, duration and passing away. There is no past, no future, only HERE and NOW, and that’s where our whole Life begins.

I’ve learned to focus on TODAY and thank for events that occur each day. This does not mean, however, that I am not working on tomorrow. I have my “To do” list and I am glad to tick off any activities completed. However, I removed one part of my planner: deadlines, which only induced frustration and stress in me. Today is today and if I did not do something, it means that it was supposed to be like that. I do not let fear, anxiety and negative emotions into my life. If they appear, I try to transform them immediately into an extra boost of energy.

“First jump off the rock, and when you fly, your wings will grow out.”

Ray Bradbury

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