Zen – Yoga regulation



§ 1. Pass and fees

1. Classes (stationary and on-line on the Zoom platform) may be attended by people who have a valid pass or pay a one-time fee before the class. The pass is personal and at the same time it is a proof of payment. 

2. In order to book a place in the classroom, you need to buy a pass, which is valid for 30 days from the date of participation in the first class. On-line classes can be held at any time during the group lesson under the valid subscription.

3. The pass for full-time classes is valid only on the assigned date and is not subject to automatic extension. In the event of absence, classes may be used at a different time during the validity of the subscription, provided that there is free space in the room, or you can join online. Due to the intimacy of the classroom, the cancellation of classes takes place the day before, so that others can use the free space in the classroom in the event of absence from their classes.

4. On-line practitioners inform the teacher (SMS) at least 30 minutes before the classes about their willingness to participate.

5. Individual classes are held after prior appointment and last 60 minutes. The fee should be paid in the studio or by bank transfer before class to the Zen-Yoga account. In case of cancellation of classes, 12 hours. before the agreed date, a 100% fee applies, unless they take place on a different day within the same week. 

§ 2. Rules for participation in classes

1. Due to the comfort and concentration of the participants, admission to the room after the start of classes is not possible, unless the teacher agrees. 

2. Before entering the room, we mute / turn off the phones (also vibrations). 

3. We practice yoga for a minimum of 2 hours. after eating a light meal. It is recommended to  r refrain from drinking any fluids during the classes. 

4. People with health problems are required to inform the teacher about it immediately before the start of classes. 

5. People with health problems or pregnant women should only exercise after consulting their doctor. If you feel unwell during the classes, stop exercising and inform the teacher about it.

6. ZEN – YOGA Studio is not responsible for the consequences of accidents not attributable to the school.

7. During menstruation, it is recommended not to perform inverted asanas and twists.

8. Participation in classes is tantamount to the obligation to comply with these regulations and consent to the storage of personal data in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27/04/2016 on the protection of individuals in connection with with the processing and flow of personal data.

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