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“Whoever looks outside is dreaming, who looks inside is waking up”

Carl Gustav Jung

Zen-Yoga Studio was founded as a result of my interest in yoga and meditation. The changes in the last years of my life inspired me to share my knowledge and experiences with others who have entered or intend to enter the path of personal and spiritual development. ZEN and YOGA are two universal philosophies that have a lot in common, although they arose in different places and times. They stand above all structures and divisions: religious, political, racial and cultural, created by humanity. ZEN and YOGA initially set the direction for my transformation, they taught me how to live, look inside myself, accept everything that appears, my weaknesses, imperfections, humility and, at the same time, strong faith in my abilities.

Yoga practice is not only exercises focused on strengthening and stretching the body, but a whole philosophy aimed at restoring a good relationship with oneself and others, the ability to use conscious breathing on a physical and energetic level (pranayama), learning to let go and acceptance, quieting the mind through concentration and meditation.

Many people who practice yoga very quickly experience an improvement in their health and mood, strengthening the immune system, and better functioning of the circulatory, respiratory, nervous and endocrine systems. By entering yoga practice without any expectations, with humility towards oneself and what the body can do, the processes of self-healing and regeneration of the body quickly follow.

Meditation leads to freeing ourselves from the rush of thoughts, we become an observer of ourselves and the emotions that appear in us. We begin to perceive that reality is created by the mind and senses and that everyone can individually influence its course.

“Everyone thinks to change the world, but no one thinks to change themselves.”

Leo Tolstoy

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