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“Whoever looks outside is dreaming, who looks inside is waking up”

Carl Gustav Jung

Zen Studio – Yoga was created as a result of my fascination with yoga and meditation. Changes in my life have inspired me to share knowledge with others, who have entered or intend to enter the path of personal and spiritual development. ZEN and YOGA are two universal philosophies that have a lot in common, although they were created in different places and time. They stand above all structures and divisions created by humanity such as religion, politics, ethnicity and culture. ZEN and YOGA began my transformation: they taught me to look into the depths of my soul, accept my weaknesses and imperfections, humility; and to have a strong faith in my own abilities.

YOGA does not only define exercises focused on strengthening and stretching the body (asanas), but also the whole philosophy concerning the code of moral principles for ourselves and others (nijama and yama), breath (pranajama), learning to withdraw the senses (pratjahara), concentration (dharana), meditation (dhyana) and enlightenment, or fusion with the universe (samadhi). Regular practice of yoga activates the entire process of understanding the material and spiritual world and restores the balance between the Body, Mind and Soul. From the physical perspective of yoga, it is essential to consider the health benefits that it provides: better function of the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, nervous and the hormonal system. People who practice yoga correctly and regularly can experience its positive effects on their physical and mental health.

The ZEN practice is to clear the mind and see the true nature of reality, develop inner wisdom, enter the world of peace. Meditation and breathing, entering into silence, taming the mind, directs you to new paths of life. We begin to see other dimensions of the surrounding world, we look at many things from a different perspective. By accepting ourselves, we accept others.

“Everyone thinks to change the world, but no one thinks to change themselves.”

Leo Tolstoy

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